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Sunday, May 20, 2018
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Dade City instructors speak language of tennis

DADE CITY - Jeanette Marcus can teach tennis in two languages.
Whether it be in English or Spanish, the USPTA-certified tennis instructor runs a small but effective tennis facility she and her husband built themselves on their own property in Dade City, all the while looking to grow and develop the sport, especially among the Hispanic Community.
"We don't have any (Spanish players) yet, but I want them," said Marcus, who is Cuban. "We've always wanted the Hispanic players from Dade City because there are a lot of Hispanic athletes and we want them to play tennis, if they want."
That's the reason Marcus calls her training Tennis For You, Tennis Para Ti. While she works mostly with intermediate players, Marcus also does work with beginners, including QuickStart tennis, which is for players 10 and younger. Her facility, which uses a synthetic tile that feels like playing on asphalt but is easier on the knees, is located at 35949 Bozeman Road., hosts private and group lessons as well as tennis cardio.
"I just started in March and I've only been training since 2009, but I work on having fun and enthusiasm for the sport," Marcus said. "When it just becomes about winnings and not having fun, then that's when you lose the playing and its not fun. I want to keep the fun and work hard to keep it that way."
Marcus picked up some impressive clients, including many of the players for Pasco High's girls tennis team, which has won back-to-back district titles the past two seasons.
"Our B Team works a lot with her and we saw it as an opportunity to get in some good work," said Pirates coach Don Charlick, whose daughter, Paige, also works with Marcus. "They are some great coaches out there, but not all of them can be patient. Jeanette is. That's what some of our players really need, plus she's centrally located in Dade City, so it works out real well.
"And I've already seen improvements in many players."
Sarah Slayton, who plays for Pasco and works with Marcus, agrees that getting more lessons, especially in the offseason, has improved her game.
"She really tries with you and with all of us," Slayton said. "She just doesn't sit back and tell us what to do. It's really helped to be able to have that kind of attention she gives."
And Marcus, whether in English or Spanish, just wants more tennis in Dade City.
"My biggest thing is I just want to help," Marcus added. "I know there aren't many Spanish tennis players here, but they are out there. And we're here for any tennis player, really. That's why I do this."
For more information, contact Marcus at (813) 417-0061 or e-mail at [email protected]
Correspondent Mike Camunas can be reached at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter @MikeCamunas.
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