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Friday, Apr 20, 2018
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A run only a mudder could love

Saturday's Mud Endeavor - Under the Lights run at the Pasco County Fairgrounds truly was a mud run, thanks in part to rain that fell even as the event began. The rain turned to a drizzle as waves of runners began tackling the course. "That was a real mud run, wasn't it?" said Mud Endeavor founder and organizer Randy Yoho. "We lived up to the billing." There were about 2,000 runners, and Yoho said the event, unusual for being held at night, went better than he expected. "I though it was a huge success; people were having a good time," Yoho said.
He attributes the event's success to a nightclub atmosphere that included a track and waiting areas that were fully lighted and included food vendors. A howitzer threw flames several yards in the air to signal the start of each wave of runners. The course included a barn and motocross track and combined outside obstacles, barn obstacles and mountains of mud "We worked on the course for a month prior to the event," Yoho said. "We moved a lot of dirt and made the course a lot wider." The next Mud Endeavor will be in Brooksville on Oct. 5. Yoho held his first mud run in Brooksville in October. Yoho couldn't pinpoint why the mud runs are popular. "I don't know what the attraction is or why," he said. "I think it brings them back to being a kid playing in the mud - and it's OK." For information on Mud Endeavor, see www.mud endeavor.com.
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