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Saturday, Jun 23, 2018
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Youngsters enjoy skating in Busch Gardens performance

OLDSMAR – She’s only 10, but Allie White has a job already.

Between taking online classes, she works several days each week as an actress/skater at Busch Gardens. She skates in the daily ice show and is the first girl to ever take on the role in a show that includes acrobats and live animals.

Allie has been skating at the Tampa Bay Skating Academy with her younger sister, Jadyn, 7, and she started skating as an elf in the Busch Gardens Christmas Show. She dances and enjoys every minute of it.

Along with Talia Deka, 7, she performed at least three shows a day during the holiday season. For two to three days, she skated and acted in a show that required six costume changes. She never complained and kept her school grades up the entire time.

“I just started as an elf,” Allie said. “I love to skate and I love to dance. It’s fun.”

However, it isn’t as easy as it seems. Talia fell the first time she tried skating before the crowds.

“I just had to get up and keep going,” she said. “I couldn’t just sit on the ice. I got up and kept going.”

Jadyn said she was nervous her first time before the big crowds. Skating as an elf was fun, but she was also in awe of the two Olympic-ready skaters who were part of the show.

“I was a little scared,” Jadyn said. “We all fell down a few times, but we all always got up.”

Allie said she doesn’t know how far she wants to take her skating and acting. For now, she’s just having a good time working at Busch Gardens several days a week.

“It is fun. I have a goal already. I want to perform in all 50 states. I want to compete everywhere. I’ve won a lot of medals and I want more.”

She might have to fight off her younger sister who has also won some big skating events. Talia won a spring event in Brandon.

As for Allie, she said she never gets tired of skating even if it means early mornings and late nights while trying to blend in her studies.

“Sometimes I feel exhausted, and sometimes I get tired, but I love doing this and it’s fun to perform and act.”

Mary White, the mother of Allie and Jadyn, said she tried to discourage her daughters from taking up skating. Now, she’s at the TBSA with her daughters even though she doesn’t skate.

She even remembers when her oldest daughter got the skating bug. Allie was 4 and had been invited to a skating birthday party. Mary fretted, but gave in.

“I said no at first,” Mary said. “I grew up in gymnastics. The girls loved it so much and I decided to let them give it a try. It’s worked out great. They are happy and love it here.’’

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