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Saturday, Jun 23, 2018
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Tampa Terror trainer adds intensity to youth baseball

†The East Lake Tampa Terror 12-under baseball team takes things seriously. For instead of hitting balls, they are hitting the weight room.

Working out at the Tampa Bay Athletics gym in Westchase under the watchful eye of Jimmy Myers, the Terror have found a no-nonsense trainer who brings with him plenty of intensity. He sets goals and expects his players to meet them.

“Right now the goal is to get the players to move properly,” Myers said after sending his kids out for a run. “They are at the age where proper mechanics are critical so we are trying to set them up for lifelong success.”

The players didn’t seem to mind. They were there early clowning around like most kids their age as they waited for Myers’ last class to finish. It was a team filled with energy, energy that Myers planned to use the most of.

“We get the most out of all the kids and don’t take the next step until everyone is ready,” he said. “We want to make them stronger and faster, and we want to make them better baseball players while we are at it.”

Myers crafts all exercises to focus on the goals of his students. In the case of the Terror, it is speed and agility. They workout itself, like the gym, is not glamorous. No large televisions, no one wearing hundreds of dollars worth of workout gear and you won’t find a lot of people relaxing on cell phones and iPods. Instead, it’s about work and sweat.

“For kids, this is when they get to the awkward stage,” Myers said. “I keep them really busy, but these kids are going to be a better baseball team because of it.”

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