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Sunday, Jun 24, 2018
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Sweet D’s Cupcakes makes custom baked items

— Danielle Prochoren loves to make cupcakes — they make people happy, she has fun and she can mix together almost anything to come up with a customized cupcake.

She just doesn’t eat them. She’ll take a taste, but she stays clear of the leftovers.

Prochoren owns Sweet D’s Cupcakes, which delivers cupcakes on 24-hour notice. She delivers to parties, businesses, schools and festivals. The cupcakes are in high demand and she doesn’t even have a store front. Yet.

She started baking cupcakes five years ago after taking a cake-decorating class. And sure, cakes were fun, but she knew she’d found her niche when it came time for cupcakes.

“I think the thing that made me interested is that, well, cupcakes are cuter,” Prochoren said. “It looked like it would be fun.”

Prochoren is a stay-at-home mom who moved to the Tampa Bay area three years ago. At first, making cupcakes was just for fun, and she made her cupcakes for family and friends. When struck with the idea to turn it into a business, she figured that schools seemed like a good target market since she loves working with kids.

But it kept growing.

Soon it was birthday parties and baby showers and other special events. Sometimes she is asked to do something unique. She is becoming well-known for her chocolate peanut butter cupcakes, her cotton candy cupcakes and her “dirt cups.” Recently she was asked to do a maple bacon cupcake. She said it turned out fine.

And while she realizes the products are decadent, she doesn’t mind.

“It can be challenging, but I can make people happy,” she said. “I can take on any request and I can get out about 120 cupcakes in about 10 hours.”

She gets help from her kids, Gianna, 6, and Aiden, 1. They both have baker’s aprons and eat more of the cupcakes than their mom.

“I just don’t eat a whole lot of them,” she said. “The kids like them, but I’m not letting them eat too many. They have as much fun helping make them as they do eating them.”

She delivers the cupcakes personally, straight to the door. She advertises with postcards and, mostly, by word of mouth. She made a recent donation of 160 cupcakes to the Bellamy Elementary Spring Festival. There was a contest set to “Musical Chairs.” The kids who landed on the right number got a free cupcake.

Now Prochoren said she is hoping to open a shop, maybe in Westchase Village.

“This would be the perfect place,” she said. “I enjoy doing this and it’s getting bigger and bigger.”

To order from Sweet D’s Cupcakes, call (813) 336-4426.

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