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Friday, May 25, 2018
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Seeing double: New Tampa twins still dress alike at 69

TAMPA PALMS — At 69, identical twins Lenda Naimoli and Glenda Young are as close as they have ever been.

On a recent afternoon, they strolled through the doors of the Tampa Palms Golf and Country Club with matching outfits and beaming smiles. They appeared exactly alike from head to toe, including their jewelry.

They have dressed alike all their lives.

“We talk to each other at 7 o’clock in the morning to plan our day,” said Naimoli, the wife of the original Tampa Bay Devil Rays owner Vince Naimoli. “We both play golf, tennis, and work out together here at the Tampa Palms country club.”

They were at the club that day to meet friends for Vince Naimoli’s 76th birthday celebration.

The women, who live about 20 minutes apart, said they enjoy spending time together. Naimoli, who lives in the prestigious Avila community, and Young, a 25-year resident of Tampa Palms, said much of their lives are centered around activities at the country club.

When they are not at the club, the sisters enjoy shopping together and buying the same clothes.

Their families travel together on out-of-town trips. The women frequently visit their 86-year-old mother in North Carolina.

They talk alike and constantly finish each other’s sentences.

Naimoli described herself as the planner, and Young as the hair and fashion coordinator.

They have become accustomed to receiving stares from passersby and being stopped to answer questions of inquisitive children and adults who want to know why they still dress alike.

“You saw two zebras running loose,” Naimoli said laughing as a reporter approached. She was referring to the black and white zebra print dresses Naimoli and her sister were wearing.

Both women are active in Tampa’s social, community services and philanthropic circles.

They often are asked to speak to youth groups about living their lives as twins.

Tampa Palms Golf and Country Club General Manager David Kupstas described Young and Naimoli as delightful women who always have a smile and kind words for other club members.

Despite looking and dressing alike, Naimoli and Young live satisfying lives as strong, independent women, they said.

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