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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Florida Hospital offers 3-D breast cancer imaging

TAMPA -- Denise Smith, clinical manager of Florida Hospital Tampa's Breast Care Center, uses the analogy she recently heard from a radiologist to describe the center's new 3-D mammogram imaging system.
"It's like going from bifocals to trifocals. You can see so much more," she said.
In contrast to the conventional 2-D mammogram that captures a flat, two-dimensional image of the breast, the 3-D technology delivers a more detailed slice-by-slice view of breast tissue, no matter the density.
Jean Tanner, a mammography specialist with Hologic, the manufacturer of the 3-D tomosynthesis, another name given to the 3-D technology, equates the process to "turning the pages in a book."
"Our 3-D mammogram technique separates tissue electronically millimeter by millimeter so breast cancer has no place to hide," Tanner said.
Smith called it "a big deal," especially given the fact that breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths among women, according to the American Cancer Society.
"We're the first in the state to have the technology that combines 2-D and 3-D technology that's shown to be 40 percent more accurate than 2-D alone," she said.
Breast Care Center radiologist Kay Reed is thrilled to be able to have a more accurate means of detecting breast cancers when the new technology is fully functional on Sept. 1.
"It's an opportunity to find cancers sooner and it reduces call backs," she said. "The 2-D is still a very good technology but with this new technology we're hoping to pick up more invasive cancers earlier."
Alan Schneider, vice president of outpatient services for Florida Hospital Tampa, considers the new technique a breakthrough in women's health care.
"By offering 3-D mammography the Florida Hospital Tampa Breast Care Center continues to elevate health care in our community while providing the latest in imaging quality," he said in a written statement.
Visit www.hologic.com or call (813) 615-7120 for more information.
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