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Friday, Nov 24, 2017
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Zephyrhills duck shot with arrow recovering after surgery

Sometimes, there are more ducks than people at Zephyrhills Park. Visitors enjoy feeding and watching them in the large lakes. But apparently somebody wanted to take target practice on one, shooting one with a bow and arrow and leaving it to die. A couple at the park rushed the wounded Muscovy duck, with an arrow wedged in its side, to the Zephyrhills Veterinary Clinic today. Veterinarian Jarrod Lazarus performed surgery to remove the arrow, with its three razor edges.
"It was hurting really bad," Lazarus said. "He sliced through couple layers of muscle." There's no doubt among the clinic staff that whoever did this intended to kill this duck. Receptionist Stephanie Cox said people should know what happened. "Somebody's doing this and it could have been an actual pet, whether it was a dog, a cat, or a child," she said. "I hate seeing animals hurt, especially by people," said vet assistant Matthew Morgans. "It's not normal. Something's going on in their head if they're hurting animals like that." The duck, which the staff calls Donald, will be back among his friends at the park soon. "He is a lucky duck," Lazarus said.

News Channel 8 reporter Peter Bernard contributed to this report.

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