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Thursday, Apr 19, 2018
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Tampa Police Chief Castor fitted for prosthetic fingertip

The long arm of the law in Tampa now ends with a digit made of silicone and adorned with an accrylic fingernail.

Police Chief Jane Castor was fitted for a prosthetic fingertip today, replacing the tip she lost in June when she got it jammed between a chain on her boat and a flywheel.

The severed portion of her right index finger plopped into the water and was lost.

Now, when she points the accusatory finger at criminals, it’ll be the enhanced version of the real thing.

Actually, the digit will help her type, but not when she fires her gun. No problem, though. Castor already is qualified to use her middle finger for trigger pulling.

She said the fake fingertip mostly is cosmetic.

She was fitted for the new digit Monday afternoon at Westcoast Brace & Limb on East Fletcher Avenue by an anaplastologist, who painted it to look like Castor’s left index finger.

The prosthetic will be held on with suction and be removed and washed each night. It should last about a year, after which it will be replaced.

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