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Sunday, Apr 22, 2018
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Spring Hill man arrested in connection with March killing

A man who allegedly shot and killed his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend in the spring was arrested Sunday, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office said. Samuel Ortiz-Lopez, 32, of Spring Hill, was charged with first-degree murder with a firearm in the shooting death of Ignacio Aponte-Muriel, 34, of Tampa, the sheriff's office said. On March 23rd, Ortiz-Lopez drove to Aponte-Muriel's Tampa home at 12343 Witheridge Dr. The men had talked several times on the phone and argued over child support payments that Aponte-Muriel owed his ex-girlfriend, the sheriff's office said.
Ortiz-Lopez arrived at Aponte-Muriel's home and confronted him. Ortiz-Lopez shot Aponte-Muriel multiple times as he stood at the driver's side window of Ortiz-Lopez's car, the sheriff's office said. After Aponte-Muriel was shot, he ran across the front yard of his home and Ortiz-Lopez drove off, the sheriff's office said. Deputies found Aponte-Muriel dead on the side of his home. Aponte-Muriel's family and friends told deputies that Aponte-Muriel had told them about arguments he had had over the telephone with Ortiz-Lopez and that Ortiz-Lopez had threatened to drive to his house and kill him, the sheriff's office said. Aponte-Muriel's sister told investigators that she was on the telephone with her brother when Ortiz-Lopez confronted him. She stayed on the line during the confrontation and heard the shooting, the sheriff's office said. Aponte-Muriel's cellular phone record shows that his telephone was connected to his sister's telephone at the time of the shooting, the sheriff's office said.
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