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Thursday, Jun 21, 2018
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Polk teens banned from homecoming for giving out condoms

Two Mulberry High School seniors running for homecoming king and queen have been banned from the competition after they distributed condoms as campaign props.

The Polk County School District banned Dalton Wiggs and Montana Fulkerson from Mulberry’s homecoming election after officials said the campaign tactic was inappropriate, the Ledger reported.

The pair didn’t hand the condoms to students but put them in a bag with candy. Students would reach in and grab what they wanted. The condoms had a sticker that read, “Let’s Wrap This Up.”

The pair said they thought it would be a catchy way to draw attention in a contest against about 20 other couples and also promote safe sex.

“I’m really upset, to be honest,” Wiggs told The Ledger. “It took way too much time and effort. And I’ve been waiting my whole high school career just to run for homecoming, and then they deny it and disqualify us the day before voting? It just doesn’t make any sense.”

Officials said the pair won’t be suspended from school but participating in homecoming is a privilege.

“Students were distributing condoms to solicit homecoming votes. When school administration became aware, they immediately instructed the students to stop this inappropriate activity,” district spokeswoman Leah Lauderdale said.

Fulkerson has been in tears, her grandmother, Patricia Hardt, said.

“Oh, my God, she is beside herself,” Hardt said. “She worked so hard on this. To be an ‘A’ student and have them do this. ... She’s just so disappointed.”

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