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Tuesday, Dec 06, 2016

Tampa council loosens rules for job-seekers with criminal records

TAMPA - Tampa City Council revised the city's hiring guidelines today with the aim of making it easier for people with criminal histories to seek work with the city. The measure passed 6-1 with Chairman Charlie Miranda dissenting. The change bans the city from rejecting job-seekers just because they may have criminal convictions in their past. Supporters promoted the change as a way to help ex-offenders become productive members of societies.
The new rule bans the city from asking job-seekers about their criminal backgrounds unless they're among finalists for an opening. The change doesn't keep the city from rejecting applicants if their criminal histories conflict with the requirements of the jobs they're seeking. People rejected because of their criminal history will get seven days to dispute the city's decision and plead their cases. The new rules will go into effect in 90 days.