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Friday, Dec 15, 2017
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No love for Tampa during 'Daily Show' segment as RNC nears

Viewers of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" learned that God works in mysterious ways - even when it comes to Tampa hosting the Republican National Convention. The city didn't exactly receive a ringing endorsement during a segment Wednesday night called "Indecision 2012 - GOP Almighty." Stewart examined the comments by Michele Bachmann that "we're going to see a miracle on Tuesday," which would help propel her back in the race for the Republican nomination. But that was before she dropped out Wednesday after her poor showing in the Iowa Caucus. That led to a discussion and snippets of the various candidates discussing their faith, and God's role in their race for the nomination.
So if God is so prevalent in determining who will get the nomination, why doesn't he just offer a divine sign? Reporter Wyatt Cenac, reporting from heaven to see "which candidate would receive the coveted God endorsement," says God could put "Newt Gingrich's face on a potato" or marshmallow as a way to make his intentions known. But God works in mysterious ways, which explains why the debate of Judiasm vs. Christianity vs. Islam remains, or why natural disasters occur. That prompted the question from Stewart about whether God would be in Tampa for the RNC, and the reply from Cenac: "Have you been in Tampa? That place is a sh--hole." "But God did create it," Stewart said, to which Cenac said, "Mysterious ways, Jon." While it may have been a fun poke at a city that may not garner the national attention of areas such as Denver and Minneapolis - which have hosted previous conventions - it could be a precursor for criticism to come. Tampa's reputation - from the 0-26 Bucs, to strip clubs, and the bizarre news that has kept Florida in the national spotlight - could be a recurring theme leading up to the RNC. What was your reaction to the segment? Was it just a fun jab at Tampa, or a cheap shot?
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