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Friday, Apr 27, 2018
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Latest Gov. Scott ad has softer touch

Instead of attacking Democrat Charlie Crist, Republican Gov. Rick Scott is opting to soften his own image in a campaign ad that features his 2-year-old grandson.

Scott acknowledges in his ninth ad that he hasn’t had a great relationship with the news media.

As he reads a newspaper at a lawn table, Scott says, “You might’ve noticed the news media is not always my friend. But they aren’t the critics I worry about. This guy is.”

Scott then puts down the newspaper to reveal grandson Auguste sitting on his lap. The ad then shows Scott playing with and reading to the boy.

“I spend every day worrying about what my grandson will think of me. I’m focused on the Florida we leave for his generation. That means more jobs and more opportunity. We’ve made a good start, but we have a lot more work to do.”

He then turns to Auguste, who’s eating a cracker, and says, “What do you say?”

The boy replies, “Let’s get to work, Grandpa.”

Scott smiles and says, “That’s my line.”

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