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Friday, Sep 22, 2017
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Police: Lake Wales mom stabs 7-year-old son in chest

A Lake Wales woman was charged Tuesday with chaining her 7-year-old son's hands together and stabbing him multiple times in the chest, police said. The boy was airlifted from a residence to Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando with injuries that were not considered life-threatening, police said. Maisa Alvarez, 42, was charged with attempted first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse, police said. Police responded to the home at 8:15 a.m., Deputy Police Chief Troy Schulz said.
"As our guys arrive on scene, they're greeted at the door by the mother and a child," Schulz said. "The young boy had been stabbed by his mother." He said there were visible wounds on the boy and the mother had blood on her. Alvarez was cooperative and said after she woke up, she went into her son's room with a chain about 2 1/2 feet in length and bound the boy's hands while he was in bed. "When he woke up … she grabbed like a kitchen steak knife and began stabbing him in the chest," Schulz said. The boy tried to defend himself by blocking the attack and received several defensive wounds on left arm, he said. "She says at that point she realized what she was doing, when he began to defend himself [so she] took the chains off of him and called 911." Schulz called it a "miracle" that none of the puncture wounds were life threatening. Neighbor Cynthia Campbell said the Alvarezes have lived there for seven years. "They're nice people … very nice people," she said. She said Alvarez is an attentive mother. "She was the one ... when he reached the age to ride his bike ... she was all day with him up and down teaching him how to ride," Campbell said. "I don't know what could've happened. Only God knows." The investigation found no reason why Alvarez would stab her child, police said. "She says she really doesn't know why she did it," Schulz said. "What I've been told by our detectives - there's no clear motive, there's no clear reason. As a rational person you can't wrap your mind around - you go to sleep tonight and everything's fine and you wake up tomorrow morning and mom has your hands chained and is stabbing you." Schulz said there was no evidence Alvarez was under the influence of any kind of drug. The boy's father is out of state working, he said. Schulz said there was unaware of any document problems with the family. "They're an average family in an average neighborhood, and something went drastically wrong this morning."
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