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Tuesday, Aug 15, 2017

Ybor City deserves better

What was the purpose of Sunday's front page article on Ybor City ("Where the wild things are")? As you can well imagine, those of us who live and work in Ybor City and fight daily to bring back the respect our National Historic Landmark District deserves are shocked and disgusted your newspaper would reach so low as to kick this historical gem down when we are desperately trying to bring it back to the days of old.  Ray Reyes and Jose Patiño Girona only focused on the negative. The whole article was nothing short of blasphemy. Shame on these two reporters and The Tampa Tribune. Club Manilla — now Club Patron — is not even in Ybor City. That boundary ends at 26th Street. Club Patron is within the boundaries of the East Ybor Historic and Civic Association Inc. and is a huge problem for our neighborhood.  Aside from being a community leader in Ybor City, I have been a faithful subscriber for over 40 years. Reading Sunday's edition causes me to reconsider my choice for local news.  Did you expect to hawk more papers? Do you expect to get new subscribers? I believe the answer is a resounding no.
 I am pleading with you to please respect our "precious jewel." Your staff should support our efforts positively. There are so many great stories they could have focused on — art galleries, restaurants, cigar shops, movie theaters and Ybor City being a livable historic community with fabulous architecture and wonderful people. Fran Costantino Tampa

The writers is the president of the East Ybor Historic and Civic Association Inc.
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