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Thursday, Oct 19, 2017
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The costs of Obamacare

Regarding "Don't be misled; health care ruling benefits seniors" (Views, July 3): Tony Fransetta's attempt to put lipstick on another pig ignores the most important aspect of Obamacare — the costs. I'm hoping that more of my fellow senior citizens are more concerned about this country's inability to pay for the entitlements already in place and are unwilling to succumb to another handout designed to increase governmental control over the people. Are those empty Democratic promises worth more loans from China to fund them? And what about the less obvious costs? The Association of American Medical Colleges predicts that — due largely to Obamacare — by 2015 the United States will face a shortfall of nearly 30,000 primary care physicians, increasing to a shortage of 65,800 by 2025. Rationed health care will be mandatory, as it is in all countries with socialized medicine. Ask your doctor if he or she will continue accepting Medicare and Medicaid patients once Obamacare is fully implemented. An honest answer will likely be "no." The only providers who will benefit from socialized medicine will be those who favor quantity over quality. Last, but not least, Obamacare attacks our religious freedom — the freedom at the heart of the American Revolution. The media tell you that Republicans don't have an alternative plan. Not so. Numerous plans have been proposed and ignored — plans that include allowing the purchase of health insurance across state lines, tort reform, Medicare reform with possible means testing, tax deductions to individuals for the purchase of health insurance, elimination of mandatory coverages (let the insured select), and the expansion of HSAs with rollover provisions to allow the purchase of higher-deductible major medical plans, to name just a few. Common sense tells you that the insured must have "skin" in the game. When procedures involve no out-of-pocket cost to the insured, the patients demand and the physician orders every procedure possible. It's time to come to grips with our overspending. Our nation was built by people asking for and receiving a hand up — not a handout.
Tom Peterson Apollo Beach
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