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Saturday, Oct 21, 2017
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Respectful communication

This letter is not about government, politics or Obamacare. It is about modeling for children and, as such, all of the above feature in. An "I won't comply" statement does nothing to model respect — be it respect for parental authority, bus driver assistants, teachers and leaders of all kinds. Yes, children also have to be taught to be independent thinkers — not to believe everything that comes down the pike. Mostly, though, they need to be good communicators when conflict arises. How much better served our children would have been with a statement such as the following: "With all due respect for the higher court's ruling regarding the health care law, I will be looking at each element of this document very carefully. I'm sure that there are some with which I will agree wholeheartedly; there are others about which, in the interest of the citizens of Florida, I will be obliged to voice my opposition." Free speech is still free speech. Respectful communication is the vehicle by which free speech can and should be expressed.
Sister Claire LeBoeuf Thonotosassa
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