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Sunday, Feb 14, 2016

Jim Beamguard

Job: Editorial writer

Age: 60

Years working for Tampa Tribune: 32

Education: Davidson College, B.A., emphasis on politics and economics

Married: To Julie for 36 years

Children: Matt and Andrew, both over 21

Year moved to Tampa: 1976, from North Carolina.

Why a journalist? Look forward to every newspaper day being different

Most dangerous story: Visiting a guerrilla leader in Angola during civil war

Best part of job: Learning interesting things from interesting people

Worst part of job: Getting here from Brandon

Favorite hobbies: Flying a small airplane. Taking photographs. Playing golf. Fixing things at home

Favorite ways to waste time: Chess, Facebook, guitar

Retirement ambition: To become less inept at my hobbies; to write something long

Favorite editorials: Ones that say something new

Military experience: Army Reserve captain, infantry

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