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Tuesday, Sep 19, 2017
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Another government program

Judy Wise of Plant City suggests that instead of funding PBS and therefore Big Bird, the U.S. government might better serve the hungry by filling up food banks with the paltry amount currently provided by one of the only news sources that actually tells it like it is without bias. Food banks do indeed need to be restocked. However, if the federal budget even suggested the possibility of sending $444 million to food banks, the GOP and every Republican would vehemently spout hatred for another government program aimed at the 47 percent. The "Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program" (food stamps) has more than quadrupled to nearly $75 billion since the beginning of the Bush administration. If Republicans had any concern for food banks, they could have worked with the Democrats for even one compromise to get the economy moving.
But the GOP has planted their feet in the mud-slinging gook of politics, showing their only real concern is to label liberals as un-American and irresponsible takers. Let's hope there are a few independent thinkers in the 53 percent. Maybe they could even clean out their pantries and fill up a food bank or two. Tom Cowan Dover
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