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Saturday, Oct 21, 2017
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Americans' fear

It's tragic that many voters don't understand that it's demand for goods, and not the president, that fuels the employment engine. It is fear itself, mostly — the thing Franklin D. Roosevelt said we had to fear the most — that keeps hands off wallets. FDR was right. As long as Americans fear turning loose that extra dollar or two we will be stuck at 8 percent unemployment. The other factor is the American capitalistic system itself. Corporations have learned they can shave their workforce and have the remainder gladly work harder and more hours, many for less pay, just to keep their precious jobs. Corporations are not charitable organizations. They exist to make money for stockholders, and they are succeeding. Just look at the soaring stock market. Unless capitalism and greed are declared unconstitutional, we may be right where we are to stay. Tony Zappone
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