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Tuesday, Oct 17, 2017
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All in for a blockbuster

The book about Gen. David Petraeus, "All In," is already in the bookstores. So, I can hardly wait until the movie comes out. I was wondering what would be a good title for that blockbuster. I thought of a few that might catch moviegoers' attention on the neon marquee. For instance: "Gen-Her"
"Last Tango In Tampa" "Apocalypse Wow" "Gone With The Gen" "Sleepless In Kabul" "From Here To Insecurity" "Kelley's Heroes" "General Strangelove" "It Was A Wonderful Life" Lastly, my favorite title for a Gen. Petraeus movie would be: "Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice & A Shirtless FBI Agent & A Peeping Tom In The Closet." R.R. Brown Tampa
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