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Friday, Sep 22, 2017
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A duty to care for both patients

Any good obstetrician knows that he or she has two patients when treating a pregnant woman, and there is a duty to care for both of them. If one looks at a newborn baby, there is no doubt that it is a human child and should have the rights that we all have to be fed and cared for. What is different the day before it is born? It is the same baby but living within the protection of its mother's uterus. Its placenta is attached there and receives oxygen and nutrition through the miraculous transfer from its mother's body. And yet that baby can legally be "aborted" and the pregnancy terminated. Looking back even further in the course of pregnancy, a day, a week, there is no difference in the nature and humanity of that baby, except its size.
Its heart has been beating on its own since its first weeks of life. With that reality in mind, can it be hard to understand why I believe that abortion is the deliberate killing of a human child? Planned Parenthood persists in hiding behind the semantics of "women's health care," but, in fact, abortion is not health care for the baby involved. It is execution. If abortion is covered under publically funded health insurance, the money will be going to Planned Parenthood to pay for those abortions, since they are the largest provider of abortion in this country. But on the question of Amendment 6, it will not prohibit any abortion. It will not prohibit funding of abortion in cases of a life-threatening illness or in cases of rape or incest. It will simply not allow public funds to be used to pay for abortion. Carl W. Pflug Apollo Beach

The writer is a physician and vice president of Florida Right to Life.
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