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Saturday, Oct 01, 2016
Local News

Hernando deputies: Woman stole hair, toiletries from Walmart

BROOKSVILLE - A Spring Hill woman was arrested Thursday evening after a Walmart Loss Prevention employee saw her conceal merchandise — including hair extensions — and leaving the store without paying for them. Charity Rodriguez, 30, told a responding deputy "she was sorry and that she knows what she did was foolish," according to the Hernando sheriff's arrest affidavit. Rodriguez was observed concealing some items in a shopping bag, hiding it in the dressing room while paying for other merchandise, then returning for the bag before leaving the store. Sheriff spokesperson Denise Moloney said the items Rodriguez stole included three hairbrushes, a hair straightener, two pencils, hairspray, hair straightening cream, mousse, makeup, hair and face cleanser. The items totaled $248.32.
Rodriguez ultimately admitted stealing the items because she did not have enough money to pay for them. Jail records show Rodriguez was arrested on retail theft (second offense), and bonded out for $500 early Friday morning. Records also show Rodriguez was arrested in September 2011 on charges of battery.