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Sunday, Nov 19, 2017
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Black bear takes dip in Sanford woman's hot tub

SANFORD - Jenny Rhoades had seen bears in her neighborhood before, but she never thought about inviting one over for a swim. Rhoades had just settled down to watch TV on Friday when she saw a black bear wandering through her yard. This isn't unusual in Sanford, but Rhoades decided to run to her office and grab her camera to snap a few pictures. When she returned to the family room she was in for a surprise. There was the black bear, poking his head through a hole he created in the screen around her pool. Since Rhoades grew up in Pennsylvania around plenty of bears, she wasn't frightened, but even she had to admit the situation was unusual.
"The Fish and Wildlife people have been in our subdivision before and have talked to residents," Rhoades said. "It wasn't unusual with the exception that he ripped the pool screen and came in." The whole ordeal lasted only about three minutes, but Rhoades managed to snap pictures of the bear making his way down to the hot tub, taking a dip and leaving. "I banged my hands on the glass table and it scared him and he jumped out of the pool," Rhoades said. "I didn't want him to get comfortable there. It's just too close." The bear left the same way he came in, through the bear-sized hole in the screen. Next time he takes a dip maybe he will use the door. "He just wanted a drink of water and he was hot and he found a place to get both," Rhoades said.
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