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Tuesday, Jul 17, 2018
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Massive crocodile seen roaming the streets, and there was only 1 thing a cop could do

Name one thing you really don't want to see around 4 a.m. walking around your neighborhood.

Watch out for that croc.

Before dawn Tuesday, a massive crocodile was spotted taking an early morning stroll in the darkness along the sidewalk in the Cutler Bay area in Miami-Dade.

Luckily no one was out jogging at the time. Because this eight-foot reptile was moving pretty quickly.

An observant Cutler Bay District Miami-Dade police officer spotted the strutting reptile, rode alongside it in his patrol car for a spell and summoned backup. The roads in the area were blocked off to pedestrian and vehicular traffic while calls were made to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission as well as to a local trapper.

How did it end?

Turns out the unwanted visitor was an endangered saltwater crocodile so the trapper couldn't capture it and take it into custody.

After nearly two hours, the big guy either got hungry or bored and ended up wandering off into Limpkin Lake.

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