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Sunday, Dec 11, 2016
Local News

Documents containing private data found on Hudson roadside

The garbage bags sat on a dusty dirt road in Hudson, but what was inside could've been worth untold thousands of dollars to an identify thief. Stuffed in the eight large plastic garbage bags, among car parts, clothes and other trash was page after page of documents, including credit applications containing personal information such as driver's license and Social Security numbers. The woman who found the bags, who wished to be identified only as Jane, called News Channel 8. "All of the information that is necessary to do an identity theft on somebody," Jane said, "and the information was just dropped on the road for anyone to find."
Finding out where this came from didn't take long. It was written on a box, and was on most of the paperwork: "Rock Bottom Auto Sales" on State Route 52. Mario Vavoulis wasn't happy to see a News Channel 8 reporter who showed him the information. He grabbed the form away from the reporter. Off camera, Vavoulis told the reporter he had messed up, but said he didn't know how the stuff got here. He did promise to return to the dumping site to clean it up, and News Channel 8 was there when he did. Jane, however, still wasn't happy. She called Code Enforcement on Rock Bottom. "I know I wouldn't do business with a company that put my information like that out on the street, literally out on the street," she said.

News Channel 8 reporter Peter Bernard contributed to this report.