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Monday, Jun 25, 2018
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Courtnee Brantley’s bail could be revoked

The U.S. District Court in Tampa has ordered Cortnee Brantley, the woman who was with Dontae Morris the night he is accused of killing two Tampa police officers, to appear in court next week for a bond revocation hearing.

She is to appear at 9 a.m. Wednesday in Judge James Moody Jr.’s courtroom at the federal courthouse, according to the order released Wednesday afternoon. The order does not specifiy why her bail should be revoked.

Brantley is out on a $25,000 signature bond co-signed by her mother and grandmother. Pre-trial Services is responsible for monitoring Brantley while she’s out on bond.

Under the condition of her bond, Brantley must submit to home detention with an electronic monitoring device and work curfew. She must live with her mother, work and have no direct or indirect contact with people involved in a criminal investigation. She can’t have access to a firearm.

Brantley’s lawyer, Grady Irvin, said he didn’t know the substance of the allegations.

“Certainly I’m concerned,” he said. “But the appropriate place to address that is in court at the hearing.”

Irvin has filed a notice with the court of his intent to appeal Brantley’s criminal conviction, but the parties are still awaiting trial transcripts and no briefs have been filed.

Brantley was the driver and Dontae Morris was the passenger in June 2010 in a car involved in a motor vehicle stop that ended in the slayings of Tampa police officers David Curtis and Jeffrey Kocab.

A dashboard video showed Morris, who was Brantley’s boyfriend, shooting the officers and running away. Brantley sped away, hid at a friend’s apartment and texted with Morris about staying loyal. When police questioned her later, while Morris was at large, she refused to answer questions about Morris.

Brantley, who was never charged in the fatal shootings of the officers, was charged under the rarely invoked misprision statute, with the federal government alleging she took steps to conceal that Morris was committing the federal offense of being a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition.

She was convicted in January and in June sentenced to one year and one day. But she was granted bail in July and allowed to remain free on bail while she appeals.

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