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Sunday, Oct 22, 2017
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Casey Anthony jurors, alternates at a glance

Here is a brief look at the Pinellas County residents selected in May to serve on the Casey Anthony jury. The names were released by the Pinellas Clerk of Court today, and background information comes from jury selection and post-trial interviews. 1. Joan G. Meier: Married, 65, with two children. She is a retired nurse who volunteers as a counselor. 2. Ray Screen: Married, 40, with two children. He works in information technology for Pinellas County. In an after-trial interview in which he didn't give his name, he said the jury made its decision based on evidence, not emotions. 3. Jennifer Ford: Single, 32, with no children. She is a nursing student at St. Petersburg College. She gave her name during media interviews after the trial and said she had not heard of the case until jury selection.
4. Linda Bills: Single, 40, with no children. She said during jury selection she did not like to judge others. 5. Harriet White: Divorced, in her 50s, with three children. She's a retired hospital nurse's aide. 6. Brian Berling: Married, 33, with two children. He's a chef who also sells restaurant equipment. 7. Kimberly Kimball: Divorced, 41, with no children. She is a child welfare administrative assistant whose mother was an attorney. 8. Kathleen Nighland: Married, in her 50s, with two children. She is a Verizon service representative whose father worked in law enforcement. 9. James Kearns: Single, 53, with no children. A former logger, he's semi-retired and cares for stroke sufferer. 10. Ronald Robertson: Single, 57, with no children. A Verizon billing representative.   11. David Angelo: Jury foreman. Single, in his 30s, with no children. He's a high school physical education and health teacher whose uncle was in the FBI. He said during selection process he had made up his mind about Anthony's guilt but could put that aside. In a post-trial interview with Fox News, he said suspicions about Anthony's father played a part in deliberations. 12. Mary Fuhr: Married, in her 60s, with two children from prior marriage. She was a Publix cook. After trial, her husband told NBC she retired early and left the state because she feared co-workers. She said before the trial she did not have cable television or a computer. ALTERNATES 13. Elizabeth Jones: Married, 48, with two adult children. She works with computer software. 14. Russell Huekler: Married three times, in his 50s, with one son. He is a high school government teacher. In a post-trial interview, he gave his name and said he believed the Anthony family was "dysfunctional" and that Caylee Anthony's death was a covered-up "accident." 15. Heather Feuerhake: Widowed, 37, with one son. She is a cashier for a car dealership. 16. Dean-Edward Eckstadt: Single, 25, with no children. He is a former day care teacher who works as a carpenter. After trial, he told NBC, "We are upset that people think we're incompetent." He gave his name for the interview. 17. Craig Neuendorf: Married, 39, with no children. He served 12 years in the Coast Guard.  
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