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Saturday, Nov 18, 2017
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Cars crash behind reporter during live News Channel 8 broadcast

There's no telling what can happen on live TV. Reporters doing live broadcasts from the field have always had to keep a cautious eye on their surroundings, but usually all they deal with is a prankster in the crowd trying to get on camera. This morning, a crew from News Channel 8 inadvertently caught breaking news on camera during a live shot. Adrienne Pedersen was reporting on gas prices at the intersection of West Kennedy Boulevard and South Howard Avenue when a taxicab and a compact car crashed behind her.
The taxicab, which was traveling north on Howard, appeared to enter the intersection at the same time as the compact car, which was traveling west on Kennedy. The cab struck the compact car on the driver's door. Both cars spun out and headed toward the reporter and cameraman. "The cab was moving so fast that it threw both vehicles through the intersection and onto the curb," said News Channel 8 cameraman Rugene Moore. "The cab was literally spinning out towards us. Luckily a soft patch of dirt in a planter stopped them." Though the sound of the impact was loud, Pedersen barely flinched and continued through her live broadcast before turning around. "I heard it, but I had no idea what it was," Pedersen said. "I really just wanted to get off the air so we could run over and make sure they were OK." The driver of the compact car was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, authorities said.
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