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Friday, Sep 22, 2017
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How far should I drive to save on gas?

Q. How far out of your way should you drive to save on gas? A. That depends on quite a few factors: your car's mileage, how much gas you're buying, the price today and distance between stations. Whew. But we played with Excel spreadsheets for a while, and have some answers.
Let's say one station is 5 cents a gallon cheaper than another. That's pretty common. And you need 10 gallons. Sorry, but there's only a 50-cent difference on that tank. Just 50 cents. Total. If you drive a car that gets 28 mpg in the city (that's pretty good), at today's prices of about $3.50 a gallon, it costs you 13 cents to drive a mile. Your break-even point for that 5-cents-cheaper gasoline is just four miles. From Raymond James Stadium to Channelside is about six miles. Don't drive any further to save a nickel per gallon. Here are some other nickel/break-even points at $3.50 a gallon. Any further, and you're losing money trying to save money. •10 mpg: About one mile •14 mpg: 2 miles •21 mpg: 3 miles •28 mpg: 4 miles •35 mpg: 5 miles •40 mpg: 6.5 miles (Good for those Prius owners out there.) Submit your question here or visit our Gas Prices page and retail writer Richard Mullins will get you the answer.
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