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Friday, May 25, 2018
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Warmist threatens strike – no foolin’!

It seems climate scientist Bill McKibben has reached his breaking point. The latest ponderous report is out from the equally ponderous Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – the infamously tedious IPCC – and McKibben figures that’s enough. They’ve been at it in one way or another since 1995, and by now what they’ve produced in the way of ink on slain trees (McKibben, a blinkered fanatic, misses the irony) “would fill the Superdome.”

His colleagues, he says, have “done their job. (And they’ve done it ... free – working on these endless IPCC reports is a volunteer job). They’ve warned us, amply. The scientific method, with researchers working hard to disprove each others’ hypotheses, has worked. It’s yielded a concise answer to a difficult problem in chemistry and physics. When you pour carbon into the air, the planet heats up and then all hell breaks loose. That’s basically what you need to know.”

Except when it doesn’t. Even our intrepid and selfless IPCC volunteers – whose off-the-clock work plainly supports their alarm-cranking, self-perpetuating grant-seeking and tenure efforts – concede warming’s current prolonged pause, despite record carbon-pumping by developing nations. What’s a True Believer supposed to do?

Pitch a floor-pounding tantrum, is what. Pay no attention to that flat line extending back into the last century. On MSNBC.com Monday – April Fool’s Day, but he doesn’t sound like he’s joking – McKibben declared until politicians gather the gumption to act on their findings (including killing, for all time, the Keystone pipeline, strides toward energy self-sufficiency and all those potential American jobs), climate scientists should like unappreciated garbage collectors and go on strike.

“[U]ntil you pay attention to what we’ve already told you, we won’t be telling you more. Work with what you’ve got. We’re a quarter-century ahead – when you deal with the trouble we’ve already described then we’ll tell you what’s coming next.”

Wait. McKibben is threatening to shut of the hot air from the global warmist community? That ought to be good for three-quarters of a degree Fahrenheit right there.

So, a strike? Please oh please oh please oh please oh please.

And a tip of the sun visor to the alert Steven Hayward over at Powerline.