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Friday, Jun 22, 2018
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There’s something about the Koch brothers

I can’t begin to fully appreciate what it is about the Billionaire Koch Brothers® that drives the left around the bend, but it’s endlessly fascinating. Tuesday, it was the turn of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Fabulist) to wax delusional.

Then again, irresponsibility is Reid’s M.O., as we recall from his unsupportable claim about Mitt Romney’s taxes, one of the more deplorable episodes of a tawdry 2012 presidential campaign.

Of course, Floridians won’t take part in November’s balance-of-power tussle in the Senate, but it’s nonetheless instructive to note what – Reid’s continued choke-hold on leadership – is at stake.

PowerLine’s John Hinderaker – an attorney who has been part of the Kochs’ legal team – has the authoritative take.

“Harry Reid delivered another salvo against the Koch brothers on the floor of the Senate [Tuesday]. On reading it, the reaction of any normal person would be that he has gone off his meds. That a Senate Majority Leader should indulge such crazed vituperation against a couple of private citizens, on the floor of the Senate, dramatizes how low our democracy has fallen.”

Hinderaker excerpts some highlights, leading to this damning observation:

“It is Harry Reid and the Democrats who believe in a rigged system that benefits the wealthy. Reid himself is a bribe-taking, corrupt politician who has gotten rich on, supposedly, the modest income of a public employee. His sons likewise are on the lobbyist gravy train. Reid and the Democrats are all about cronyism–to take just one example, sliding hundreds of millions of dollars in “green” energy subsidies to billionaire Tom Steyer, who is reciprocating with a $100 million campaign on the Democrats’ behalf. It is the Democrats who have made Washington, DC, the last boom town in America. Washington is now, by far, America’s richest metropolis. Why is that? It is because that is where Harry Reid and his cronies operate.”

Check it out. It’s worth the time.