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Saturday, Jun 23, 2018
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Sink: Exciting freedom from ‘deadend jobs’ ... on your dime

The Congressional Budget Act forecasts by 2024 roughly 2.5 million Americans will idle themselves as a result of provisions contained within the Affordable Care Act. Alex Sink, the Democratic nominee in next month’s special election for Florida’s U.S. House District 13 in Pinellas County, told Bay News 9 interviewers she finds this prospect “exciting.”

Her viewpoint on the matter, to be sure, is somewhat more nuanced than the National Republican Congressional Committee would have you believe. Without using the infernal and already overworked talking phrase “job-locked,” Sink nonetheless effervesced at the notion that people in “deadend jobs” will no longer be tethered by concerns about maintaining employer-provided care.

What she scrupulously managed not to acknowledge, however, is folks who cut themselves loose from drudgery to pursue other potentially less lucrative passions will very much rely on others who keep relentlessly punching the clock, doing their duty and paying their Obamacare-supporting taxes and premiums so their neighbors can be free to do, as the CBO report suggests, nothing.

Exciting, indeed.