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Sunday, Jun 17, 2018
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OK, let’s air that pot debate

So medical marijuana will be on the November ballot. Well, fine. Let’s have that debate. Let’s make it full-throated and no-holds-barred. Let’s make sure none of the pertinent facts, on either side, are lost in the smoke.

Let’s lay out the alleged benefits of pot for certain folks suffering with certain maladies. Let’s also talk about equally effective treatments derived from cannabis’ active ingredients already available without creating pockets of legality for a drug that, when used as intended, has potential to do mighty harm.

Let’s make sure we understand that, while the vast majority of doctors are upstanding, forthright and painstaking with their prescription pads, some are less so, which was among the problems with Florida’s recent oxy-plague. And doctors who are generous with their pot-writing orders will be no secret among those seeking wink-wink access to weed. And that certain determined “patients” can be counted on to shop for multiple prescriptions from multiple doctors.

Let’s make sure we understand the state’s “pill-mill” data base will miss a fair number of these abuses.

And finally, let’s make sure we understand if the measure is stitched into the state constitution, a certain number of your neighbors are going to self-select themselves right out of competition for that slot in graduate school your kid wants, that job you’re after, or that promotion you’re up for.