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Thursday, Apr 26, 2018
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More rebuttal of profs who ‘schooled’ Scott

It seems The Right Stuff was not alone in its exasperation with the climatista professors who “schooled” Rick Scott on the threat of man-made global warming at the governor’s offices last week. The alert folks at The Hockey Schtick (motto: “If you can’t explain the ‘pause,’ you can’t explain the cause”) have a thoroughgoing dissection of the teachers’ key points, breathlessly described by Salon.com sustainabilityologist Lindsay Abrams.

Abrams, for her part, concedes the governor’s avowed lack of scientific credentials, but adds:

What Scott is required to do, however, is to listen to the facts, and to then use that information to lead his state forward, both in mitigating climate change and in adapting to the effects that are already being experienced.

If only, laments The Hockey Schtick, he’d gotten facts. Their executive summary:

According to ... Salon.com, the “scientists who sat Rick Scott down and explained climate change to him” used the tired & repeatedly debunked climate propaganda techniques of Al Gore to “make the case for climate action.”

Read the extensively-linked rebuttal here.