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Saturday, Jun 23, 2018
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Legg: Medical marijuana echoes worst of pill mill nightmare

One of the architects of a triumphant, if belated, crackdown on Florida’s infamous pill-mill industry, state Sen. John Legg (R-Trinity) sees worrisome parallels in the push to legalize marijuana for “medical” purposes.

Having caught up with him at a town-hall meeting with constituents in Zephyrhills Thursday morning, The Right Stuff is happy to let the second-year senator (who spent eight years in the House) speak for himself.

“The classic Charlie Crist line is, ‘I trust doctors.’ I don’t trust all our doctors. There’s too much money; the temptation’s too great. Even if you trust 99 percent of them. ... There’s going to be a fee for script. That’s how it work for prescription drugs. Something like 99 of the top 100 fee-for-script writers in the country were from Florida. I mean, it was astronomical.

Senate “President [Don] Gaetz is right. All you have to do is tell a doctor you have a bad back. If you can convince him, you’ll get a prescription.

“I’m just getting tired of us creating our own vices and then asking government to subsidize our health care after the fact and subsidize our remedy and our treatment after we get ourselves addicted. So here’s another case where we’re going to pay for it on the front end and pay for it on the back end.

“And then individuals are going to spiral out of control with their lives and government is going to have to help them with a social safety net again. It is bad, bad, bad and bad, and I think any legitimate issue they think they are going to resolve can be treated in a synthesized way.

“I think people need to be educated on what medical marijuana means; it’s not as it’s being packaged in the poll questions. I think medical marijuana has a glass jaw; all it takes is one punch and it will crumble and fall down.

“Now the question is, most industries have an opposition funding base. Trial lawyers vs. doctors. Real estate developers vs. environmentalists. With this you’ve got John Morgan vs. who? Mom and dad out in the community. How is the opposition going to get out there with accurate information? Editorialists? I’m throwing a real hail Mary there.”