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Tuesday, Apr 24, 2018
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‘Dreamers’ plan to make case for GOP resistance

Marco Rubio, Florida’s junior U.S. senator, possible 2016 Republican presidential candidate and lapsed member of the “Gang of Eight” immigration pack, is the target of a demonstration by so-called “Dreamers” — illegal immigrants who arrived in America as children — scheduled to “descend” on Rubio’s Miami offices Tuesday.

Their beef, according to a press release: Rubio’s “attacks on Dreamers and his advocacy to repeal DACA (Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals, President Obama’s 2012 directive).” Quoting the release:

Felipe Sousa-Rodriguez, Deputy Managing Director for United We Dream from Miami issued the following statement,

“Sen. Rubio has allowed his party to be hijacked by right wing extremists like Sen. Ted Cruz, who has bullied the undocumented community, blocking attempts at immigration reform that would lift my family out of the shadows, and now he is advocating for the termination of DACA, which has provided me a new outlook on life and new opportunities.

“It’s irresponsible for Sen. Rubio to make excuses that suggest we “wind down” DACA and keep undocumented people “that are not currently in [the DACA program]” from qualifying, subjecting people like myself to deportation.”

“DACA has provided me, and more than half million young immigrants, an opportunity to work and to end my fear of deportation, and Sen. Rubio’s attacks against Dreamers will not stand. We’re here to remind the Senator of his immigrant roots, and it’s shameful that he continues bullying families like his.”

“The Republican Party has fully embraced a political ideology that seeks to mass deport Dreamers and their parents, and we’ve known that relief for my family rests in President Obama’s hand. The GOP is dead to our community and we will not soon forget its continuous attacks on our families.”

Trying without success to locate that “mass deportation” plank in the Republican Party platform. The Texas GOP doesn’t support it, and they’re on the front lines of the whole mess. Trying, also, to identify the logic that would have Republicans agree to place on the road to citizenship some 12 to who-knows-how-many million undocumented residents for whom the GOP is dead.

Finally, when the demonstrators get around to reminding Rubio of his “immigrant history,” The Right Stuff does hope — but is not counting on — they stress the thoroughly legal nature of his Cuban-born parents’ arrival (even if it lacked precisely the exile-drama of family lore).