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Wednesday, Jun 20, 2018
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Dean Martin was right, apparently

Two recent headline cases involving unborn humans and the consequences to those who harm them seems to come down to this: If the adult person presumed to be responsible for a baby once it leaves the womb doesn’t want it, terminating it isn’t a criminal act. Otherwise, it is.

After all, how else does John Weldon get nearly 14 years for what Tampa-based federal Judge Richard Al Lazzara called the “evil act” of slipping Remee Jo Lee, Weldon’s happily 6-weeks-pregnant girlfriend, an abortifacient while Fort Worth paramedic Erick Munoz – who otherwise merits our deepest sympathies – was granted license to doom his second-trimester daughter by disconnecting life support from his brain-dead wife?

That strikes me as an especially whimsical way to codify, apply, amplify or otherwise embrace Mr. Jefferson’s unalienable truths.

I mean, how can the definition of legal personhood be so shifty? It’s either a person or it isn’t. Didn’t we settle this whole question in 1865?

Or maybe all this time Dean Martin was a legal scholar, and you really are nobody ’til somebody loves you. Darn slippery slope in that case, if you ask me.