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Tuesday, Apr 24, 2018
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Andrew Cuomo, curiouser and curiouser

The Right Stuff does not pretend to understand the politics of the great state of New York. Maybe no one from outside the sphere of Cuomo’s genius does.

That said, it must mystify even the experts how it is possible to square New York’s ubiquitous and compelling StartUp commercials (bring us your innovative, your ambitious, your bold) and Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s the through-the-looking-glass rant about just who is and is not a legitimate New Yorker, because certain beliefs embraced by mainstream conservatism “are just not who New Yorkers are.”

At the risk of committing cliché, we all know what would have happened if a Republican governor had declared certain left-of-center thinkers unwelcome in their states, especially at the same time he/she was attempting to cause businesses to move to or expand within their states. The push to boycott such companies would begin in 3, 2, 1 …

Meanwhile, there’s some question as to whether Gov. Cuomo appreciated the diversity of opinion among his constituents when he declared certain traditional opinions anathema in the Empire State. If the unwelcome took him at his word (as some high-profile media conservatives have), New York wouldn’t at last slip behind Florida as the third most-populous state, it might barely hang onto the top 10.

But the disrespected won’t and in deep blue New York Cuomo probably will win re-election and we’ll be reminded all over again just how much intolerance liberals are willing to accept in pursuit of power.