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Tuesday, Apr 24, 2018
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WaPo poll discouraging for Bush

A new Washington Post/ABC News poll on sthe 2016 presidential election looks discouraging for Jeb Bush, sort of neutral for Marco Rubio and encouraging for Hillary Clinton.

In the poll, 48 percent of all respondents, and 50 percent of registered voters, said they “definitely would not” vote for Bush, the most for any potential candidate tested except Mitt Romney. The pollsters called that “a possible hangover from the presidency of his brother George W. Bush.”

Among all respondents, 6 percent said they “definitely would” vote for Bush and 38 percent said they’d consider it.

Clinton’s numbers -- 25 percent definitely would vote for her, 41 percent would consider it, and 32 percent definitely would not -- were better than any of the nine Republicans tested.

For Rubio, 5 percent definitely would vote for him, 40 percent would consider it and 32 percent would not.

But Clinton also got the lowest “undecided” rating in the poll, 2 percent, while Rubio got one of the highest, 23 percent, suggesting he has more room to move up.

The poll also had bad news for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie -- 30 percent of Republican respondents said they wouldn’t vote for him, the most of any GOP candidate tested.