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Friday, May 27, 2016
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Crist blends politics and policy at Tally solar power rally

In another condensed melding of policy and retail politics, former Gov. Charlie Crist appeared in Tallahassee Thursday at a rally for solar power.

In 2007, Crist – then a Republican governor – tried to move renewable energy initiatives forward but was blocked by the Republican-controlled Legislature.

Crist is now a Democrat challenging Gov. Rick Scott. Greg Blair, spokesman for Rick Scott for Florida, said it was “too bad Crist can’t channel all of his hot air into wind energy to fuel his campaign.”

But, to really torture the metaphor, Crist doesn’t seem to let such comments knock the wind from his sails.

When asked about the future of alternative energy, Crist responded, “Well, I think it’s gone in the pit. I mean, you know, we don’t hear anything about solar, we don’t hear anything about wind, and it’s obvious to me …”

He stopped suddenly, turning to a young woman standing next to him.

“Did you get your picture?”

She did not. Crist immediately smiled for a smartphone.

“One, two, and … perfect!” her friend said, snapping the pic.

Crist smiled and turned back to reporters.

“So we have to be enlightened,” he said, looking up at the sun. “No pun intended.”