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Thursday, Aug 17, 2017

Breaking down the 2014 Legislature, demographically speaking

Just exactly who are these people passing laws in Tallahassee during the next two months?

The typical Florida lawmaker is a man in his 40s who was born in the Sunshine State, worships as a Catholic, and attended Florida State University, based on information provided by members of the Legislature themselves.

Click here to check out the Tribune’s demographic profile of the 2014 Legislature. Other highlights

♦ Men outnumber women 3-1.

♦ More lawmakers attended St. Thomas University than the University of South Florida.

♦ Thirteen of the 150 lawmakers indicate no religious affiliation.

♦ Only a few indicated any military experience.

♦ Democrats are in the majority among Florida voters but are outnumbered almost 2-1 in the Legislature.