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Monday, Oct 23, 2017
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Movie talk: Who should play the Chilean miners?

People around the world were glued to their TVs watching the emotional rescue of 33 miners in Chile. The reaction poured in as status updates on Facebook and trending topics on Twitter. "Joyous." "Inspiring." "Heroic." Now that they're all out safely, talk has turned to movies. It's only a matter a time. Who should play the brave 33 men? We're offering a few suggestions to the movie studio lucky enough to first nab the rights. Shift foreman Luis Urzua - Benecio Del Toro He was the last miner rescued and credited with helping proving emotional support to the trapped miners in the first 17 days of isolation. Who better than the gruff, yet charming, Benecio?
Miner Yonnie Barrios - Antonio Banderas His personal story of an extra-marital affair played out in the news. He was greeted by his mistress - not his wife - at his rescue. This role's a lock for Antonio. Miner Mario Sepulveda - Javier Bardem The second miner to be rescued. He happily handed souvenir rocks to laughing rescuers. The critically acclaimed actor could probably pull off any role. Well, come to think of it, he just married Penelope Cruz. Should he play Yonnie? Chilean President Sebasian Pinera - Jimmy Smits The face of calmness and determination through the 69 days the miners were trapped underground. With his latest TV show canceled, we know Jimmy has some time on his hands. Manuel Gonzalez - Matt Damon How about this for hero? This rescue expert was the first man who went into the capsule 2,040 feet into mine to check to see if it was safe. He was also the last man out. It's a toss up between Leo DiCaprio and Matt. We're giving it to Jason Bourne.  

What actor would you like to see in a role? What should the movie be called? Let us know in the comments below.

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