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Saturday, May 26, 2018
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Bucs Q&A: Will front office step in to stop drama?

Q: With the numerous stories that are coming out of One Buc Place and the growing displeasure from fans, at what point does the front office step in and look to fix these issues?

At this point, I am beginning to question whether I want to keep my season tickets. I have been a Bucs fan for over 10 years, but this is a new low for the organization. I can’t remember another Bucs team filled with as much drama as I have seen in the past few weeks.

As we sat in our seats (and during the hour rain delay) Sunday, this was the common question we (season-ticket holders) asked each other.

The disappointment goes beyond just people talking at the game; I hear it at work, it’s on the radio and I hear it at the gym. Oddly, I heard it last night in the store waiting to check out. ... Someone commented on the shirt I was wearing and it lead basically to this email.

I think the saddest part, for me, is that last year I spent the entire season in Afghanistan (which is 8.5 hours ahead of this time zone) and didn’t miss a single game regardless of their record. This year, I am questioning whether it’s really worth my time — and we are only two weeks into it! Boy, I can’t wait to see what it will look like after the bye week.

— Patrick Watkins, Tampa

A: You can be sure the Bucs’ front office is monitoring everything that is going on. If the problems that appear to be plaguing this team persist, action of some kind will be taken.

— Roy Cummings

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