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Tuesday, Apr 24, 2018
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Bucs Q&A: Team playoff ready?

Q: There are two glaring problems with the Bucs, the O-line and the D-line. Why would any intelligent fan think this team is playoff ready? If the O-line can’t pass or run block with any consistency, the offense grinds to a halt. If the D-line can’t put pressure on the QB and contain the RB’s the D-backs are going to have a very long season. This team is no where near making a playoff run and never has been with this coaching staff and GM. How in the world did so many fans actually start believing we were heading to the promise land?


A: You make a good point. Neither the offensive line nor the defensive line have played up to expectations this year. Injuries are part of the problem on the O-line, but the defensive line should be better. Football games are still won in the trenches and the fact the Bucs have lost far too many of those trench battles is one of the reasons they are 0-7.

Roy Cummings

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