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Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Bucs Q&A: Can Freeman call his own plays?

Q: Since Josh Freeman has been quarterback for four years, don’t you think it would work out better if he had the option to call his own plays? To me, the coaches are keeping his hands tied. If a play has been called in and by him scanning the field he sees that something else would work better, after four years isn’t he knowledgeable enough to have that option?

— Henry L. Brown, Brandon

A: Freeman does have the option to change a play if he sees that the called play is not going to work. The Buccaneers actually believe he’s pretty good at that, for the most part. As for calling all his own plays, that could happen if he can prove he’s got a better command of the offense. He’s entering only his second year in coordinator Mike Sullivan’s scheme, so it’s still a little early for that. Besides, Tampa Bay head coach Greg Schiano has some say in the play-calling, too. Not a lot, but there are times when he wants certain things done, and it’s his call.

— Roy Cummings

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