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Friday, Oct 20, 2017
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Love him or hate him, can't deny Tim Tebow is a winner

I just had to shake my head and bite my lip to keep from laughing. He did it -- again. Leave it to Timmy the Tebow to come home and make with the loaves and fishes against the Miami Dolphins. Back in Florida, the new starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos spent most of Sunday afternoon, 55 minutes of it, looking like he had no business being out there.
He was out of his league and seemed outward bound in the NFL, too. Drag this altar boy back to the bench, right? You don't earn it in this league by jersey sales, or being nice. It's about results, it's about reality. The reality is Tebow threw footballs that wobbled and blushed as they hung in the air. Only a kind jury, or a blind one, would have convicted Tebow of being a professional starting quarterback. After the long, drawn out soap opera, he finally was Broncos quarterback -- and he was looking clueless, as was his team, down 15-0 to the winless Dolphins. The Broncos won in overtime, 18-15. Tim Tebow led them back, throwing two late touchdowns. Of course he did. He tied it at 15 to force overtime by running in the two-point conversion. Of course. That the Dolphins didn't seem remotely ready for that two-point possibility, as if there was ever a chance that this guy wouldn't try that (Tebow went in untouched) seems hilarious. So does the idea of anyone ever trying to run down this guy's intangibles. They were all there at the end of that game. How many times have we seen it? Tebow took a knee and prayed after the game. How many times have we seen that? I mean, he's Timmy the Tebow. He wins. Never mind that through three quarters, he had more sacks than completions. Never mind that he had only four completions in 14 attempts for 40 yards passing before the two scoring drives. Never mind that he looked as awful as awful can be for most of the day, or that Sunday does little to truly solve the dilemma in Denver. He won anyway. His critics, and they are legion, will point to everything he didn't do, and that's cool, though I've never quite figured out the hate thing, the white hot anti-Tebow blow torch. Tebow probably had no business winning Sunday. He was lucky to be playing against a truly awful Miami team, which should begin the real race with equally winless Indianapolis for Stanford's Andrew Luck. He won anyway. He won in the state where he mostly always won, in high school, in Gainesville, championship upon championship, with a Heisman thrown in, always with a spirit that never died, even in an ever cynical world. I have no idea if he keeps his job the rest of the way. Surely there will be great pressure on Denver coaches to keep it that way, since Tebow is the only Bronco quarterback under contract for next season. I mean, they have to know what they have, don't they? Tim Tebow might act like Mr. Rogers, but that doesn't make him Aaron Rodgers. We all know that. But don't count him out until he is good and out. Don't make the mistake ... Sunday was very nearly a Tebow hater's dream scenario. He was awful. Then Timmy the Tebow went and did what he we remembered him doing. He went and won.
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