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Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Fennelly: Bucs' Glennon has more to prove

TAMPA — Considering what we thought about Mike Glennon going in, he hasn't been half bad.

But that doesn't make him the guy.

If you look at who he has left to work with, you'd think this season can't be a true measurement.

That still doesn't make him the guy for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

If you look at the stats (you know, except for the 0-5 record as a starter) you see that Glennon is ranked just ahead of somebody from New England, Brady's the name, I think.

That's right. Tom Brady has an 82.7 quarterback rating, Glennon is at 83.1.

Glennon has eight touchdowns against three interceptions, not bad.

And Josh Freeman was a healthy scratch for Minnesota last Sunday.

Has a guy ever gone from No. 1 QB to No. 3 QB for two teams this quickly?

Mike Glennon looked under control in Seattle.

He managed the game nicely.

The problem — and it's a problem — is that he hasn't swept us off our feet.

Monday night is another stage — Monday night against the Dolphins at Raymond James.

The Bucs won't be the central story. It will be Miami and its now truly twisted, shameful locker room, now a national discussion. It's Richie Incognito Week.

Here's a chance for Glennon and the Bucs to slip by, unnoticed, right past a distracted team.

Glennon needs to own a second half. He needs to own a win.

He hasn't had one of those games, one where he picked the Bucs up and forced them to victory. Sunday, his Seattle counterpart and former N.C State teammate, Russell Wilson, did just that, forced his team, convinced his team that this was their day, even down 21-0. The incredible Shrinking Schiano and his can't-close team helped, but Wilson made it happen.

Yes, Russell Wilson is in his second year and it's the Seahawks, but let's remember that Wilson did this last season as a rookie, too.

Hey, Josh Freeman did some leading as a rookie, too ...

Granted, as much as Greg Schiano talks about Glennon doing more than managing games, that's exactly what Glennon was consigned to in Sunday's second half, as the Bucs played it safe and right into Seattle's hands, long before they didn't go for it on fourth down.

That's a problem.

But Glennon still needs one of those games.

It all points to the Bucs needing another QB next season, or at least a QB battle. Whether it's a high draft pick from Oregon or Louisville or a veteran (the next Alex Smith?), competition is demanded.

Glennon is Schiano's guy, and Schiano, at 0-8, is lurching toward not being the guy himself.

Maybe there's some daylight here for Glennon, with rookie Mike James running the ball, though the Bucs inexplicably went away from designed runs at the end of Sunday's game.

Maybe veteran “leader” Vincent Jackson steps up and catches the ball no matter who is guarding him. That would be a change of pace, eh?

Anything would help take the heat off Glennon.

But the kid still has to prove he's the guy.

He hasn't yet. Not enough deep balls, not enough completions back there, not enough accuracy. His calm is a bonus. Hitting passes underneath, a lot, is a plus. But he hasn't done anything that says here, this is my game. He hasn't had a Wow Moment.

He needs to be less Napoleon at the end, more Dynamite.

Right now, he looks capable.

Capable isn't enough to build around.

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