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Tuesday, Apr 24, 2018
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Fennelly: A-Roid getting exactly what he deserves

It's official:

He's making a federal case out of it.

Monday, Alex Rodriguez and his legal team filed suit to get a judge to reverse his 162-game suspension. He's suing Major League Baseball and the players union.

No chance.

No shame.

I can't wait until spring training, when pitchers and catchers and users report.

Assuming all the nerve, lack of character and soaring self-delusion to do what he has already done, why wouldn't Alex Rodriguez show up in Tampa to train with his still current employer, the New York Yankees? It would be circus maximus.

Star witness and slime ball Tony Bosch's “60 Minutes” infomercial for Bud Selig and Major League Baseball was filled with damning allegations, from A-Roid's elaborate doping program to alleged hush money to alleged death threats to “gummies” to MLB paying a guy only identified as “Bobby” 125 grand for damning A-Roid records, everything but a car chase. Stay tuned. I think Selig's Gran Torino comes out of the shop next week.

All of this against the backdrop of A-Roid's arbitrator-reduced, but still hefty, season-long suspension for being a cheat and a liar and a cheat, 162 games, no games in 2014, though he could still report to Tampa for spring workouts.

Oh, baby ...

Last week was a big week for baseball and outgoing commissioner Selig, who appeared on the “60 Minutes” segment, but held off doing a victory roll, though he had bagged the wolf.

That Selig and MLB COO Rob Manfred took to prime time TV was unusual enough. Never mind that Selig, and team owners, and players and their union had created the steroids era. Never mind that this won't stop users from users.

This is no witch hunt.

A-Roid asked for it.

This just in: Bobby?

Last week was a big baseball moment, history wise, legacy wise.

Throw in the fact that when Hall of Fame voting results were announced last week, only three men — Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and Frank Thomas — were elected, while the biggest names in PED purgatory (Bonds, Clemens, Palmeiro, Sosa and McGwire) saw their Hall votes drop, so far in Palmeiro's case that he won't even be on next year's ballot, which is cause for celebration.

No way A-Rod ever makes Cooperstown.

He can take 654 homers and get going, going, gone.

Only he'll try to stick around.

Sure, Tony Bosch came off as a sleaze, but who do you think drops dimes on cheaters, finishing school students? You go to the source, in this case Bosch, which is what MLB did, and he was running scared, and then you buy some documents from “Bobby” (whatever happened to cool code names?) because that's how you nail bad guys. So now we have a magic A-Roid sentence for the ages: gummie at 1045? ... game at 1 pm

Bosch, and MLB, insist that was encoded traffic from A-Rod to Bosch, “gummie” for a PED-laced booster lozenge or candy Rodriguez popped at just the right time before he played. Team A-Rod insists it was an exchange about nutrition.

Even better, Bosch said he sometimes injected PEDs into A-Rod because Rodriguez was “afraid of needles.”

News needles will go wild when Alex Rodriguez hits Tampa to totally detract from the Yankees' concentration as they try to spring train. Who doesn't feel bad about that? Of course, the Brothers Steinbrenner could buy out Rodriguez, a hefty sum, so I doubt it. Maybe they'll just put him on Field 5 with the minor-leaguers.

I wonder what he'll take first, grounders or gummies.

Don't put anything past this charlatan.

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